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"A healthy body is not a slave to the gym."

Conceptualized by Dave Nicolas, social entrepreneur, the former youth worker challenged dancer Rose Kutz to create a hip-hop training method for those who don't like the gym. The fruit of a year and a half of research, experimentation and testing, in the fall of 2020, Hiphop Fitness was born powered a process code-named “RK-S22”. Through our innovative formula of hip-hop dance optimized for fitness, we train the body by transmitting the original and authentic movements that form the basis of this athletic style of dance.

In addition to providing a great workout experience, HHF develops coordination through various combinations of complex movements, simplified through our efficient process. Accessible to all, we stimulate gross motor skills through a vibrant, demanding and intense process.

Thanks to the many technological advances of the past century, today we enjoy a comfort level never experienced in the past. We are, in fact, the most comfortable generation, but also the most sedentary; which contributes to accentuate the physical and mental health problems that plague our modern society. Our addiction to screens only exacerbates the situation. Moreover, a large number of people find themselves isolated and underexposed to nature.

Far from a panacea, Hiphop Fitness is a powerful tool for enlivening people's routines, helping them relearn how to move in order to reteach them how to move spontaneously with rhythm, style and confidence on the music that they already love.

While recognizing the benefits of a dance studio, we realize that we spend most of our time within four walls; either at home, at school, at work and in transit. We are the first generation to spend the bulk of our day in controlled climates, more focused on mobile screens than on reality. In response to this, Hiphop Fitness offers in-studio as well as outdoor sessions in Montreal, to help people reconnect with the moment, the sun and other people.

Who is it for?


Hiphop Fitness is for those of us who have never really liked the gym. Human connection and joy being at the core of the HHF experience, we are proving that it is possible to workout, without the rigidity of a conventional training plan.
In a society characterized by depression, anxiety and isolation, HHF manifests the incredible strength of human connection within Hip Hop culture to fuel a movement of well-being.


Photo Bilou

Rose  Kutz

Rose Kutz is an athlete whose heart beats to the rhythm of sound. From a young age, she took part in several sports such as handball and soccer. In high school, she played basketball for Saint-Laurent School's “ Express ” team. Hip Hop culture and basket-ball going hand in hand, Rose practiced her dance steps in front of the mirrors of the exercise room, to her teammates' delight.


A graduate in contemporary dance at Montmorency College, Rose Kutz won first prize, at the last edition of the Intercollegiate of Dance (35th edition). Rising among 28 dancers from several schools in Quebec, it was a sign to her mentor that the province was ready for what she had to offer.


An energetic dancer with a unique signature, recognized for her high energy performances, her great capacity for improvisation and versatility make her a remarkable artist. In addition to the styles mentioned, Rose Kutz practiced traditional Haitian dance, House, Popping, Break, Waacking and Locking. Rose bites into life while her sneakers bite the dust!

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